Desserts That Your Children Can Eat After Dental Treatment


Desserts That Your Children Can Eat After Dental Treatment

The hardest thing that a parent can do is forcing their child to go to a dentist. On the other side, listening to their painful mourning is not an option either. And leaving their toothache untreated is the wrong step. It is because you know that the cavity will become worse and leave your children in an even more vulnerable state.

As a parent, you might start blaming candies and chocolate that your children eat daily or your children’s poor oral hygiene. You tell them not to eat any dessert anymore. But you know that it won’t ease your children’s pain and make them feel worse.

You need a better strategy to bring your children to see the dentist. For your information, you can switch your prohibition on eating dessert to become your strategy. Persuade your children with your baking skill. Let them know that you will let them eat more desserts after they go to the dentist.

You can give some desserts to your children after they got their root canal treatment for their cavity. The key is your creativity to create your kids’ favorite desserts.

Avoid these ingredients.

After having root canal treatment, the dentist will most likely fill your children’s cavity. It can cause a temporary uncomfortable feeling and might increase the sensitivity of your children’s affected tooth. Therefore, there are some ingredients that you have to avoid. It is to prevent any unnecessary pain for your children’s tooth.

Avoid hard and crunchy foods.

Refrain from using peanuts or any other nuts (chopped, slivered, or toasted nuts) as the toppings of your pudding or pancakes. It is because the nuts will damage the tooth or the fillings. Aside from causing damage from the treatment, hard foods will also give your children undue pain. Hence, do not offer cookie bars with peanuts to your children.

The other hard foods that you have to avoid are hard candies and lollipops. Although they can choose not to bite them, there is no guarantee they can resist the temptation of biting them.

Maybe the dentist will prohibit your children from eating apples, but it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the desserts with apples. Slice the fruits into pieces, and it will be okay for your children to eat them. Besides, eating fruits will be very helpful to improve your kid’s health.

mixed nuts

Avoid sticky and chewy ingredients.

Not using a crunchy ingredient as the decoration of your desserts doesn’t mean you can use sticky or chewy ingredients. It is because those ingredients might remove the temporary tooth-filler from your children’s cavity. In some scenarios, they will unconsciously swallow the filling. The most-used sticky or chewy ingredients as the pancake’s decoration is marshmallow, gummy candies, and toffee sauce.

The other sticky foods (that might not be a part of your baking decoration, but you should avoid them) are bubble gum and dried fruits.

Mind the temperature of your food.

Pancakes are best when you’re just moving them from the pan. Or puddings are better when you pulled them out from the fridge a second ago. Perhaps, they won’t feel a thing before they have a cavity. But after your children’s tooth went to root canal treatment, it gets more sensitive. Hence, let the pancakes cool down a little before serving them to your children.

The same goes for their beverage. Hot chocolates or icy milkshake shouldn’t be on the list. But the mild temperature of both drinks is still possible.

Important note: do not put an ice cube in your children’s drinks. They might bite them, and it can chip the temporary filler for their cavity.

Desserts that they can eat

You have to ask your children about their tooth sensitivity after the treatment. Some children only have to avoid food and beverage that are extremely hot. Hence, they are allowed to eat ice cream.

But if you don’t want to risk your children, you can let them enjoy puddings, yogurt, pancakes, fruit smoothies, and a milkshake. Make sure that you are not using any ingredient that you should avoid. That way, you can create your children’s favorite dessert without risking their teeth.

Acknowledging that your children’s teeth will be more sensitive after the treatment is necessary. It is to prevent yourself from giving your children meals that might make them feel uncomfortable or bring them back to the dentist. Avoid crunchy and sticky ingredients because they have a high risk of ruining the filler of the cavity. Next, ensure the sensitivity of your children’s teeth before giving them any extreme temperature meals. Take care of your children’s oral health in a smart way.

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