Dental Implants: Yes or No?


Dental Implants: Yes or No?

Many people experience the occasion where they need to have one of their teeth removed. It may be from an accident where the tooth became damaged beyond repair or it could be due to gum disease or general wear and tear to the point that it is no longer viable for the overall health of a mouth.

Fortunately, thanks to the exceeding skill of dental technicians and the ever-advancing technology in the 21st century, it is a simple and straightforward procedure to replace a missing tooth by means of an implant. There is no need for removable dentures to be the only option for the future of patients anymore and the options available are simply ever-increasing.

So what exactly is this?

Each dental implant essentially consists of a small metal screw that is fixed into place in the jawbone and a typical denture, or false tooth, is permanently placed onto the screw so that it just looks like a normal tooth.

Any missing tooth can be replaced, including front teeth, which can severely impact a patient’s self-esteem. People will find that by having a denture or bridge permanently fixed into their mouths which resembles a normal tooth that they will have no issues with eating or speaking, so one can confidently get on with their life and not have to worry about how they look or if they are able to eat a certain meal.

Are there any other reasons why someone would consider getting an implant?

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Definitely. Many physiological changes occur after a tooth is lost, for example the tissues surrounding the jaw bone may begin to change shape and eventually disappear over time. This changes the overall appearance of the jawline and can distort a person’s features or age them prematurely.

By placing an object in the missing gap where a tooth has been lost, the remaining bone is stimulated to grow around the metal screw. This can offset some of the long-term negative effects that are associated with losing a tooth.

Is this procedure for everybody?

The short answer to this question is no. Not everybody can have a tooth surgically implanted into their mouths as it is essential that the surrounding gums and bone is strong and healthy. People need to be assessed on a person to person basis, as suffering from diabetes or heart disease, or being a heavy smoker could influence the effectiveness of the treatment.

At this point in time, implants are generally not covered fully by any insurance plans, unless there is something written in the plan regarding tooth loss. With this in mind, coverage does not usually exceed 10%. The decision to have this procedure, however beneficial, is usually at full cost to the patient.

Losing a tooth can have detrimental effects that go beyond aesthetics. Over time, bones continue to degrade and can negatively affect speech, self-esteem and what a person can eat. By choosing to get dental implants in Bromley, for example, patients can rectify some damage done.


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