Converting Your Dull Outdoor Space to a Smart Backyard


Converting Your Dull Outdoor Space to a Smart Backyard

Spending the day outdoors is a great way to bond with your friends. But don’t you think that having a few connected devices while enjoying the sun is even better?

You do not have to redo your backyard to have an awesome party. All you need is a bit of creativity and a touch of technology to make your yard party fun. But how do you do it?

Smart backyard system made easy

If you are planning to bring your Wi-Fi speakers outside for the party, make sure that your network can reach outside your home. If your router is incapable of doing so, then it is best to get yourself an extender or a cheap repeater to increase the range of your router.

But if an upgrade is already long due, then see if you can get a MESH Wi-Fi system to add to your setup. This type of system includes up to four hubs that you can place in your entire home. It is best to put it in areas where you often stay so that you can get access to Wi-Fi quickly.

However, now that you have a more extensive range of Wi-Fi access, it is possible for your neighbors to access your network. So, be sure that you have a unique password to prevent other people from accessing it.

But if you find this too tedious, a Bluetooth wireless speaker is always a great option. You can even purchase one that can float on water without getting damaged. Pair it up with other smart devices like a smart TV or even a Bluetooth-enabled grill to complete the setup.

Add a fire pit to complete the look

fire pit

Fire pits are among the favorites of most homeowners these days. Not only do they add that perfect ambiance for a party, but they also bring a calming effect when you stare at a burning fire.

One of the most straightforward designs to have in your home is a metal bowl placed outside. This type of fire pit can also act as a grill whenever you are not using it. This type of fire pit is perfect for those with small patios. This also will not require you to get a tree removal service in Sandy to install it.

Another option that you can consider is a chimney. It became popular in the 1980s but remains to be a great design concept until today. Although it does not give off too much heat, you will undoubtedly enjoy the smell of burning wood as you sip a couple of drinks with your friends.

You can use alder, cedar or oak in your fire pit to get an excellent burning aroma. Remember not to use any pressure-treated firewood in the chimney so you will not smell any harmful toxins.

Incorporating technology to your outdoor space is perfect, especially when spending time with your friends. However, if you are planning to add a fire pit to your outdoor space, make sure that it is at least 10 feet away from any combustible material. Keep a container of water nearby to ensure your safety.

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