Celebrate Christmas With An Asian Fusion Menu


Celebrate Christmas With An Asian Fusion Menu

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you haven’t planned the perfect menu yet, don’t panic. You are about to discover some Asian fusion dinner recipes that will surely satisfy all your holiday cravings. Asian fusion cuisine combines elements of culinary traditions from all over Asia and around the world. You’d see east meets west recipes that are perfect for those who just can’t get enough of flavours from both.

Bulgogi Burgers

Restaurants that serve Korean food in Singapore and other countries are also offering dishes laced with western culinary elements, such as a bulgogi burger. Prep time takes about 30 minutes and only 8 minutes for cooking.

Ingredients are: ground rib-eye steak, ginger-soy marinade, cola, vegetable oil or steak fat, gouda, melted butter, and brioche sliders or dinner rolls.

Mix rib-eye steak, ginger-soy marinade, and cola in a mixing bowl, then cover with a plastic wrap and put it in a refrigerator for 30 minutes. For the balsamic onions, slice them into rings then sauté them over medium-high heat with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce,, and salt and pepper until the onions caramelise.

Form burger patties with the ground rib-eye. Season them with salt and pepper and grill over medium-high heat. Take out the marinated rib-eye steak and grill them as well for 4-5 minutes. Put a piece of gouda over each patty, let it cook some more until the gouda melts and the meat reaches your desired tenderness. Toast the buns for 1-2 minutes with the melted butter brushed all over the pan, and then assemble the burgers and serve.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Did you love that chicken noodle soup you ate at a fancy restaurant a few days ago? if you don’t have the time yet to go back to that restaurant, you can cook your traditional chicken noodle soup with a twist. This delightful dish only takes 20 minutes to prepare, and another 20 to cook.

What you need: Home-made chicken broth, chopped roasted chicken, finely minced onion and garlic, chili pepper flakes, dried basil leaves, green peas, small chunks of turnip or rutabaga, sliced celery, egg noodles, lemon juice and zest, soy sauce, minced fresh parsley, and honey.

Heat the broth in a pot and add all the ingredients minus the noodles, lemon, soy sauce, parsley, and honey. When the soup boils, add the egg noodles until they becomes tender. Add the rest of the ingredients, and add more seasonings if you need to. Let it cook, and then serve.

Spicy Rock Shrimps and Grits


Your Christmas party wouldn’t be complete without a traditional Singaporean dish, but fused with other Asian elements, if you’re not much of a Western flavour fan. Preparation time is only 20 minutes, but spare at least 45 minutes for cooking time.

Ingredients incluyde Quail eggs, tamarind paste, garlic, shallots, red hot chili peppers (seeds removed), lemongrass, canola oil, coconut milk, grits, butter, shredded cheddar cheese, and peeled and de-veined rock shrimp.

Boil the quail eggs and let them cool for a bit before peeling off the shell. Set aside. Soak the tamarind paste in boiling water, then strain to remove the pulps. Set this aside as well and mix the garlic, shallots, red hot chili, and lemongrass using a food processor or mortar and pestle. Sauté the mixture in canola oil over medium heat, stirring frequently until the fragrance wafts out and the mixture turns light brown.

Add the tamarind liquid and half of the coconut milk next, letting it simmer until it thickens, and only then can you add the rest of the coconut milk. Prepare the grits, then stir in butter and cheese, adding salt to boost the flavour. Simmer the sauce once more and then put the shrimps. Let it cook and pour it over the grits afterwards. Garnish with quail eggs, and your spicy rock shrimps and grits is done.

With these three Asian fusion dishes, your Christmas dinner menu is almost complete. Don’t forget your Asian cocktails and desserts to fully satisfy your family and guests. If you think you don’t have enough time to prepare all of these, visiting your favourite restaurant is always a welcome idea.

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