We offer a cake for every occasion – whether it’s The Big Day, a birthday, or just a day you feel like having a fresh home-made cake, we have you covered.

Holiday Cakes

Cakes for all the major holidays:

Holiday Cakes for Christmas Valentine's Day Halloween Easter Thanksgiving Mother's Day

...and the less major: Bosses Day Secretary's Day

Dessert Cakes

For when you just need something sweet:

Dessert Cakes Raspberry Cream Cheese Cake German Chocolate Cake 12" New York Cheese Cake Pineapple Upside Down Sweet Cinnamon Cake Boston Cream German Bee Hive Small New York Cheese Cake Rum Cake Angel Food Cake Zucchini Bread

...and Even a Few Pies 8" Apple Pie 8" Lemon Meringue

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