Busting Common Myths About Dry Cleaning


Busting Common Myths About Dry Cleaning

We’ve come across dry cleaning in our lives or know of it as a staple in maintaining clothing. Despite that, a lot of common misconceptions going around about dry cleaning may be steering you away from a convenience because you have held on to it as truth. Here are some false statements that you’ve probably heard thrown around a lot and why they don’t ring true.

It’s only for fancier garments.

There’s a common belief that this service is only reserved for expensive clothes and delicate fabrics. While it is explicitly the go-to choice for such garments, there are a lot more reasons to opt for it when cleaning other items of clothing.

Dry cleaning and laundry services in Fishers, IN have often accepted clients who need to get rid of tough stains like oils and grease and for numerous types of fabrics that can’t handle a rigorous traditional wash. Often, these are made of textiles and materials that can warp, shrink, and receive a lot of damage from wash methods. Think denim, rayon, and wool.

A good rule of thumb is to check the label of any piece of clothing. You may find that a lot of items you wouldn’t have thought twice about are labeled as “dry clean only.” Doing this allows you to preserve your clothing for longer and fit as intended because you followed the right washing process.

Too much dry cleaning is not good.

Dry cleaning suits

If your clothes end up being damaged after a trip to the dry cleaners, it’s not because you had them dry cleaned but because the place you went to did things improperly. The process is meant to preserve your clothes and prevent the wear and tear that is often hastened with repeat cleanings via wash.

The way to combat this is to determine when best to bring your pieces of clothing to the cleaners. For specific garments, an annual visit is enough. Whereas with others, prolonging usage and letting the chemicals sit too long between visits is what causes the damage and diminished quality you may see in your garments.

You can keep the dry cleaner bag.

While you can, of course, take the bag that your clothes are put in to carry them home or bring them to the specified location, it’s not wise to keep the bag and continue using it. Keeping your freshly cleaned clothing inside of these bags too long can combat the positive effects achieved by the dry cleaners.

In general, these bags can cause your clothing to stain, yellow, and build up moisture that can affect the durability of the fibers and cause damaging and nasty mildew to grow. Even if you decide to keep it for future usage, it won’t be the right choice because it will still have traces of the chemicals used in dry cleaning. It’s best to simply discard these bags once you take out your clean clothes.

Now that you know these essential tidbits on dry cleaning and you can differentiate the myths from the truths, you can make use of these services in the best way.

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