Braces in Windsor and Oral Health Care


Braces in Windsor and Oral Health Care

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Patients who have decided to get their teeth straightened with braces in Windsor have to make some adjustments to their lives for the duration of their treatment.

There are various different kinds of braces in Windsor, each designed to deal with a different aspect of wonky teeth, or to help with a lifestyle issue related to wearing braces. Some dentists, such as The Old Windsor Dental Practice, offer a wide range of braces and also have a dentist who is trained to deal with teeth straightening. The dentist will be able to give in-depth guidance on how to take care of the teeth while braces are being worn. In the meantime, let’s take a quick look at the issues now.

Decay and gum disease

These are always an issue, whether or not someone is wearing braces in Windsor. However, with braces, these issues can be harder to deal with. They are both caused by bacterial plaque building up in hard-to-reach places and giving off the acids that cause decay and gum disease.

Fixed braces

People who have brackets fixed to the fronts of their teeth need to take quite a bit of extra care with their oral hygiene routine to ensure that they remove all traces of plaque from around and under the wires and brackets on their teeth. This means taking time to clean thoroughly after each meal, using the brush and then dental floss to get under and behind the brackets and wires. It’s a good idea to carry a toothbrush and paste, and also to keep one at work for cleaning after lunch. It’s also a good idea to have a good slosh round with a mouthwash before going to bed each night.

Removable aligners

Although it is easier to keep the teeth clean with removable aligners because they come out for eating, it is still important to clean the teeth after every meal. Some aligners, which resemble mouth guards, have their invisibility as a big selling point, and if the mouth still has traces of food or drinks in it, they could discolour the aligners and render them visible.

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