Best-Selling Baked Goods You Can Sell for the Holidays


Best-Selling Baked Goods You Can Sell for the Holidays

The holiday season is a fantastic time to show the world your baking skills and get a side hustle that’s relatively profitable when done right since everyone you know will be shopping and giving gifts to their loved ones during this festive period.

If you have extra time, patience, and skills to take on the side hustle of selling baked goods this Christmas season, here are the best-selling treats to explore.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies have been a holiday staple for many families, with parents encouraging kids to put out some milk and cookies for Santa and his reindeer. You can reinvent its traditional recipe and turn them into keto cookies to allow those on special diets to enjoy this traditional sweet treat during the holidays or add in crispy rice cereal to bring back fun childhood memories.


Classic chocolate brownies have been a best-seller in many bake sales ever, whether during the holidays or regular days. It gives anyone the chance to indulge in a sweet treat without going overboard. It’s best to high-quality chocolate squares to make delicious treats that people will surely keep coming back for.

If you want to add a twist to the classic brownie, you can also opt for “blondies.” It resembles your traditional brownies, but instead of chocolate, you use brown sugar and vanilla, providing this popular dessert with its signature ‘blonde’ color.

Mini Cherry Pies

Pies have been a dessert staple for many American families during the holidays, and what better way to celebrate tradition than whipping up miniature pies that everyone can enjoy. You can bake your classic cherry pies in muffin tins to make them easier to form and transport. Ensure to place a generous serving of whipped cream on top to make it extra delicious and unique. Plus, like with all pies, make sure to let them cool down before selling them to allow the filling to cool and set.

Christmas Cookie Bars

No Christmas table is complete without holiday-themed cookie bars. It’s a unique and quick alternative to individual cookies, and you can place an unusual twist to this holiday favorite by using M&M candies alongside dark chocolate chips, giving it a festive look and taste for the holidays. Make sure only to use red and green M&Ms to stick with the festive theme.

Black and White Cookies

The unique black and white frosting of this popular dessert alone will catch anyone’s attention, making them an excellent pick for holiday bake sales. Black and white cookies are a mainstay in NY bakeries and can be a great way to make anyone’s holiday sweeter and delicious. These cookies have a soft texture with its flat side decorated with chocolate and vanilla icing.

S’Mores Cookies

Nothing screams “holidays” than s’mores-themed treats, and one of the most popular and delicious baked goods you can make following the theme are s’mores cookies. These s’mores cookies reinvent the classic flavor combination of toasted marshmallows and graham cracker cookies. Its cookie dough contains graham crumbs topped off with chocolate shavings and toasted marshmallows — providing simultaneous gooey-ness, sweetness, and crunchiness — everything great about the classic favorite campfire treat.


Selling baked goods during the holidays is a great side hustle that can bring in a decent income. The best-selling baked goods mentioned are profitable crowd-pleasing treats that are special enough to impress your customers without taking too much of your time and money while increasing your sales and boosting your reputation.

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