Best Plants for People Who are Starting a Garden


Best Plants for People Who are Starting a Garden

Not everyone has a green thumb. However, it also doesn’t mean you can’t grow your garden. If you’re planning start to your garden, then don’t fret. There are a few plants meant for people who are beginners when it comes to gardening.


Sunflowers have large seeds that are easy to handle. Experts say that they can be perfect for beginner gardeners or even children. This plant also comes in various sizes, as well as colors, and would grow in areas that receive direct sunlight.


Meanwhile, for those looking for annual plants, poppies are an excellent choice. The most popular variation of poppy, also known as Popover, comes in red or bright orange flowers. It’s quite easy to grow because it sows itself directly to the soil. However, you need to put it in areas with the best sunlight exposure with a well-drained pot of soil.


Zinnia is another flowering plant that you can consider in your garden. These beautiful plants come in almost every color except for blue. They also come in various heights. Most of its flowers roughly resemble dahlias or daisies. Meanwhile, some of its varieties resemble pom-poms or even spiders. You need to place these plants under the sun. Ensure that the seeds have enough space to grow. It will also provide the plants with an ideal air circulation which helps fight most types of diseases.


These plants are the other types of cheerful flora that you can place under some sunny areas. You can get a few pieces from the reputable garden centers and nurseries to start your garden right away. Having these plants around can help brighten your garden with beautiful shades of red, yellow, and gold. What’s great about these plants is that it can bloom throughout the summer.


Another plant that can add varieties of colors into your garden is pansies. They’re perfect for cold weather, especially during fall and spring. All you need to do is give them enough access to sunlight and proper drainage so that it can thrive and grow.


Gardener holding a pot with plant in garden

Impatiens are other types of flowering plants that prefer areas that don’t receive much sunlight. All that it needs is the right amount of water so that it can grow. Most gardeners consider these plants as self-cleaning. That’s because its old blooms naturally fall off and don’t need to get removed manually. That’s why it’s a perfect option for those who are just starting with gardening. You can start planting them once the warm weather starts.


Another plant that you consider in your garden is begonias. They’re the best plants of choice if you want to put them in hanging baskets or containers. All you need is a little sun to let it thrive.

These are only some of the plants that you can consider if you’re planning to start your garden. Remember to ask any of your trusted landscape and garden centers so that you’ll know which plants would be best for your outdoor space.

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