Become the Best Bride You Can Be


Become the Best Bride You Can Be

So, you’ve set the date for that big, life-changing event and whether you admit it or not, there’s that mental countdown clock that knocks in your head every day, perhaps even every second. You got everything settled – the gown, the food, the wedding videography firm or company for the videos and photos.

But, how about getting that glowy skin and shiny hair on your special day? After all, you’d want to look your best for your photos and videos. Wedding planning can be extremely stressful, which can be really bad for both your skin and hair.

We know it’s hard, but the best way to start your journal towards achieving that bridal beauty look is not to get stressed out and use your time wisely when planning all these different tasks you have to take care of. Let the pros help you handle all the other wedding essentials.

But when it comes to how you would look on your big day, you get to call the shots. Here are some tricks to help you be the best bride you can be.

Get Serious About Catching Those Z’s

woman sleeping in a comfortable bed

It’s easier said than done, but getting some solid night’s sleep is just as important as getting the right wedding dress. Brides-to-be have a million things they need to check off their to-do list which makes it harder to get those eight hours.

Wedding planning takes months, even a couple of years in some cases, but you’ll only need the final month before the big day to focus on sleep management. Prioritize regular exercises and avoid habits that get in the way of your sleep, such as drinking coffee late in the day or binge-watching Netflix.

Do what you have to do to lull yourself to sleep, whether you need to pick up some comfier pillows, a silk sleeping mask, and even some earplugs if you need them.

Take Your Workouts to the Next Level

Most brides get into their health journey months before their wedding, and if you’ve been on the same path as well, it’s time to amp up those workouts. If your current schedule is three workout days every week, make it four. If that doesn’t work, add half an hour every day.

Find what works for you but just tweak it a little bit as you get closer to the big day. But, here the rule of thumb every bride follows: in the few weeks before the wedding day, your workout sessions should keep your heart rate pumping for more than 50% of the workout, 70% tops.

There’s a perfect time to experiment and get creative when it comes to hair color, but your wedding is not it. At least two months before your special day, discuss with your colorist the look you’re going for or what you want.

Then, ask for touch-ups two weeks before achieve that natural and fresh look, whether it’s the color or highlights, that will last throughout your honeymoon. To get rid of fizz and coarseness, get some keratin treatment one month before.

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