Bake-Off: Don’t Miss These Baking-Related Shows on Netflix


Bake-Off: Don’t Miss These Baking-Related Shows on Netflix

PastryWith the pandemic making the outside world a dangerous place, most of us have adopted a new hobby or pastime we can do at home. For some, it’s buying ornamental plants and herbs to build an urban garden for that splash of nature in a concrete jungle. Others have taken arts and crafts like a fish to the water as they knit quilts and build shoe cabinets from scratch. There are also people perusing good food and travel guides in anticipation of the time when travel can go back to the bustling industry it once was.

Though becoming better home cooks is one of the most popular quarantine activities. Posts of people trying out simple desserts like dalgona coffee to more challenging pastries like sourdough and focaccia bread art dominated social media news feeds. Cooking and baking became outlets for people to drain anxious energies and create something beautiful and delicious that can be shared with other people. Vox Writer Nisha Chittal explains that quarantine cooking is more than feeding oneself. They bring back the sense of control people lost when the pandemic happened.

The deeper meaning that food brings is also why a lot of cooking and baking shows are loved by people. Aside from the mouth-watering dishes and pastries, they give a commentary of the human condition — the struggles, triumphs, and creativity. The kitchen is full of flawed people trying their best to communicate their dreams and aspirations through their creations.

Here are four food-related shows you can watch to see the beauty of baking:

Great British Bake Off

baking ingredients and materials

Arguably one of the most famous baking shows, the Great British Bake Off has been inspiring many amateur bakers to take the next step in developing their craft. According to the Daily Telegraph, the show has even increased people’s interest in baking throughout the United Kingdom. Shops were reporting sold-out shelves for baking ingredients and other accessories. It’s also one of the cooking shows that is still enjoyable despite its low drama flavor compared to more cutthroat shows like Master Chef and Hell’s Kitchen. The camaraderie of the bakers is also present even if they’re competitors, with contestants shedding tears when people leave the kitchen floor.

Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman

Kantaro, the main character, expresses how much enjoyment and bliss a person experiences when they eat a delicious and heavenly dessert. Everyone can relate to him when he feels better after eating a wonderful dessert, despite how terrible his boss and job is.  The show features Tokyo’s best dessert shops per episode where Kantaro spends his breaks indulging in sweet treats. People can even take note of the address and visit the shop to experience Kantaro’s favorite dishes.

Nailed It!

Culinary shows usually highlight the expertise of cooks and their gorgeous creations. That’s not the case with Nailed It, a comedic baking contest, as unqualified bakers are thrown in the kitchen to recreate masterpieces. Something is satisfying seeing amateurs fumble and make mistakes as it shows no one becomes good overnight. Viewers could relate to the challenges, especially if they made the mistake of baking sourdough, a high-level pastry, without prior experience.

Whether you’re an amateur or experienced cook, baking remains an enjoyable activity that everyone should try. For extra inspiration, you can always try watching popular baking-related Netflix shows.

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