Avoiding Weight Gain as You Bake Your Way in the Pandemic


Avoiding Weight Gain as You Bake Your Way in the Pandemic

People find solace in different hobbies to keep their sanity during the COVID-19 crisis. If you turned to stress-baking as a way to curb your pandemic related-stress, know that you are not alone. All around the world, baking ingredients are selling out in stores. While baking can be a fun and delicious way to get through the pandemic, we can’t deny that it can affect our waistline.

One dilemma that new bakers have is the fact that their new hobby is one reason why they are gaining more pounds. Who would not be tempted to indulge in freshly baked goodies that you worked so hard to make? You may have an active lifestyle, tries to stick to healthy recipes, and recently completed your fat freeze treatment. But know that unhealthy eating habits and other factors can cause you to regain the weight. The good news is, there are specific ways you can try so you can reduce the chances of you gaining extra weight while baking your way through the COVID-19 crisis.

Plan before you bake

Many people are baking more than they necessarily need. If you don’t want to be tempted to finish a single batch, then plan on how to get rid of it all. If you have great self-restraint, only eat a portion for today and eat them sparingly for the next few days. If not, choose to give away your goodies and make someone else’s day extra special. Give it out to family and friends, share them with your neighbours or even bring some to your pals at work.

Try chewing a gum

chewing gum

Gums may not be the best thing for your teeth. But know that you can use the gum-chewing trick to reduce your urges to finish off your new batch of cookies. According to studies, chewing extra-sugar gum can help suppress appetite, thus making you want to eat fewer treats. While the participants of the study still consumed snacks, they did decrease the amount of calories they consume. For best results, do this while you bake and while you’re waiting for your new goodies to cool down.

Create a break time ritual

What do you usually do while you wait for whatever you bake to cool? If you tend to hand out in the kitchen, then you’re only setting yourself up for the baking trap. Instead of savouring the smell of your baked goods, do something else that will take your mind off of your new batches.

You can do yoga, gardening, clean your garage, or go for a quick walk around the neighbourhood. Take a nice bubble bath, fold your laundry, or do anything that will physically remove yourself from your sweet-smelling kitchen. That is since your nose can trick you into feeling hungry even when you are not. Divert your focus on something else, and you will soon realize you are not hungry.

Aside from baking healthy recipes, you can try other ways to stop yourself from over-indulging on your baked goodies. You can try chewing gum to lessen your appetite, plan your way out before baking, and divert your attention away from your baked products. All these, along with proper diet, rest, and exercise, you can stop yourself from earning more lines on your weighing scale.

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