Are You Suffering from a Skin Problem?


Are You Suffering from a Skin Problem?

Chronic skin problems are manageable, even if there is no definite cure for them. These come and go depending on the environment and lifestyle of a person. These may also negatively affect your routine if you fail to find an ointment or drug that treats them. A dermatologist from Salt Lake City cites the following common types of skin problems that you might deal with.


This skin ailment goes by another name called Dermatitis. The manifestations of this disease are chronic itchiness, flaking, cracking and sores. This often appears around the elbow and knee area, and sometimes in a person’s hands. Eczema is manageable and tolerable, however, sometimes the condition worsens, and the itch doesn’t seem to disappear. In such cases, consult with your dermatologist to determine which drugs and topical creams work best to treat it. The two common forms of dermatitis are atopic and contact.


The cause of this skin ailment is the recurrence of chickenpox infection. In some cases, the sensation caused by this disease is so painful that people mistake it for a heart attack or injury to the musculoskeletal system. After the pain, a person will see a red rash. Get treatment immediately once you feel the symptoms.


Sunburn is probably the most common skin ailment because exposure to too much ultraviolet rays causes it. Its symptoms include reddish and painful skin. Touching sunburned parts of the body also causes pain. Repeated sunburn may increase the risk of skin cancer. As the cliché goes, prevention is better than cure. Apply sunscreen before going to the beach, hiking or swimming. If you already have a sunburn, drink a lot of water and apply skin moisturizer on the sunburned parts.


The characteristics of this skin illness include pimples and redness of the face. The chronic swelling is bothersome and may affect your daily routine and work. Women over 30 years old are most likely to get Rosacea, but it can also affect men around the same age group. The causes of this may be environmental or a weak immune system. Dermatologists will most likely recommend antibiotics and azelaic acid gel.


Hives appear on the skin and look similar to a welt. Some of the causes of this skin ailment include certain medicines and food, or bites from bugs. In its worst form, hives can spread all over the body and may cause difficulties in breathing. This ailment normally disappears after four or fewer hours. In some cases, it becomes chronic and lasts for months or even extends to years. Determine what triggers and hives and avoid it to prevent this ailment from recurring.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

This skin ailment causes growths that appear on a person’s face. This appears red and shiny and is easily recognizable. It is a type of skin cancer but is easily curable. Long exposure to the sun is one of its leading causes.

These are some of the skin problems that you might already have or are likely to have. Consult with your dermatologist to determine the treatment and lifestyle change you need to prevent a recurrence.

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