An Expert’s Style Guide Stacking Rings


An Expert’s Style Guide Stacking Rings

Some of the highest moments of your love life are your wedding and engagement. These two momentous occasions come with rings to memorialize them. Most married women are however not so sure about how to show off the rings they get on these occasions. Moreover, some traditions also have rings for motherhood while other couples have a promise ring, and all these rings can seem overwhelming. Most men will thus opt to forego giving some of the rings or opt for plain ones.

If you as the man are worried that the white gold wedding bands for her along with the engagement and motherhood rings you get will be too much, stacking is the answer. In stacking, women can wear up to three rings without feeling weighted down by their weights or coming off as overdone or ridiculous. There are nonetheless a few fashion rules you should follow to guarantee this style will work for you. Here is a guide to help you stack your rings the right way.

Match the Rings

When matching your engagement and wedding rings, you can get away with mixing different metals and gems or have the same metals and gemstones for both. When introducing a third ring to the mix however too much mixing might be overwhelming. To this end, when stacking, choose rings in the same metal color or with the same gems or engraving. This way, you create some harmony in your stack and create some individuality for the ring stack.

Get the Stacking Order Right

There are two methods of stacking rings, including asymmetrical and symmetrical stacking. The symmetrical ring stacking technique is currently the most popular. In this option, the engagement ring sits in the middle of your stack and ‘’locks in’’ the motherhood or promise ring and the wedding band. Some brides choose to have the engagement ring at the bottom with the wedding band locking it in together with the promise ring. Either way, in a symmetrical ring stack, there is one that ‘’locks in’’ the other two.

Pay Attention to the Width of the Bands

You can only stack so much on one finger without feeling the weight of the rings. The ideal width of the bands you will stack depends on the length of your fingers. Those with short and slender fingers should ideally stack with very thin ring bands. Those with long and thick fingers can get away with thicker bands but not excessively thick ones.

Consider a Ring Jacket

Different wedding rings

Comfort is still essential when stacking your rings. When aiming to enhance the comfort of your stacked rings, consider getting a ring jacket. This will hold them in place comfortably and boost their look and symmetry. Some people even fuse them to keep them from slipping from the arrangement, but the ring jacket is a better temporary solution.

Some women like stacking their rings to showcase the symbolism of different events in their life. Others just want to show off the sparkle of their rings and get to wear all their rings without overwhelming their look. Irrespective of your reason, the above tips ensure you have the best look with your stacked rings.

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