8 Must-Haves That a Beginner Baker Needs


8 Must-Haves That a Beginner Baker Needs

Do you want to try your hand at baking? Even if you’re not the best cook, you can still be a great baker. If you’ve just recently started baking and aren’t sure what tools you need to buy vs. what is optional, here’s a list of essential baking tools that you need:

1. Mixing bowls

You may already have mixing bowls in your kitchen, but are they suitable for baking? If you don’t want to scuff your current mixing bowls, get stainless steel ones that are meant for baking. Make sure that you buy a variety of different shapes and sizes, so you don’t have to rush to the store to get more when you need them.

2. Weighing scales

Baking is a precise art. You need to measure everything as accurately as possible if you want to come up with the best results. And what better way to measure than by using a weighing scale.

3. Pans and trays

There are many different types of pans and trays that you can get, such as bread moulders, springform pans, cookie sheets, and much more. When you start baking, buy the basic ones first (e.g. baking sheets, muffin trays, round and square pans, etc.), and then expand your collection as you learn more recipes.

4. Measuring apparatus

If you do a lot of home cooking, you may already have measuring tools in your kitchen. But if not, you need to buy measuring cups, measuring spoons, and a liquid measuring cup.

5. Mixer

Life as a baker will be much easier if you have a mixer in your arsenal. You can buy a handheld mixer or a stand mixer. Either way, an electric mixer is going to help you mix, knead, and whisk without tiring your hands out too much.

6. Oven thermometer

Just like with ingredients, the temperature of your oven needs to be precise. An oven thermometer can help make sure you’re baking things at the right temperature, because even if you set your oven to 300 degrees, the temperature may be lower or higher than that inside.

7. Sifter or sieve

A lot of recipes require ingredients like flour, sugar, and cocoa powder to be sifted. And since a regular kitchen strainer won’t do the trick, buy a sturdy, stainless steel sifter that is meant for baking.

8. Cooling racks

baker holding croissant

Putting freshly baked goods directly on kitchen counters or plates is not advisable. First, this can hinder the proper cooling process and affect the end-result of your product. Secondly, doing this can ruin your dishes and kitchen counters due to the heat. To avoid this, buy at least two cooling racks that you can use to put freshly baked goods on, so they can cool adequately and evenly.

There are other baking essentials that a beginner baker needs to buy, but these are the most important things to have (if you don’t own them yet). Who knows? You can be a successful baker in your community and you can have your own bakery in the future.

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