6 Tips to Pull Off a Rustic Wedding


6 Tips to Pull Off a Rustic Wedding

One of the most popular wedding themes today is the rustic wedding. Do you want to hop in on the trend but don’t know where to start?

A rustic wedding theme is the number one choice for couples who want to mix vintage and country while still being elegant. More than that, a rustic wedding will allow you to live out your fairytale nuptials without draining your bank account. To get started on planning, here are some tips you should consider:

1. Search for rustic wedding venues

An affordable rustic wedding venue in Minnesota is not so difficult to find. If you want to go all out on the theme, your site should scream ‘rustic.’ Look for venues that look country and vintage, such as a barn or a countryside manor. Not only are these venues cheaper than others; they are also perfect for intimate weddings.

2. Decorate with nature

A key motif in rustic weddings is the use of natural elements for the decor. Things like twine, wood, hay, burlap, flowers, and plants can add that ‘shabby chic’ style you’re looking for. You can also include vintage or farm elements, such as wooden barrels, gas lamps, wheelbarrows, and the like.

3. Skip the fancy catering

At a rustic wedding, you want your guests to feel warm and happy. A hearty home-cooked style menu can help you achieve that. When planning the wedding menu with your caterer, ask for classic comfort foods instead of the traditional three- or four-course meal. After all, you can’t go wrong with a big plate of pot roast, mac and cheese, greens, and freshly baked bread. To top it off, your guests will love home-baked pies and cakes for dessert.

4. Tone down the dress code

wedding guests talkingMost weddings today are too formal and rigid when it comes to dress codes. Don’t be that bride who wants everyone to wear a specific color and style of clothing. Instead, have everyone go for a more relaxed dress code for your rustic wedding. Swap the three-piece suits for a simple dress shirt and slacks ensemble. For the ladies, ask them to wear simple dresses and shoes that they can comfortably dance in.

5. Go DIY

Incorporating a little DIY into your wedding will not only save you money for more important things; it will also give your wedding a homier, laid-back taste. So, don’t be afraid of letting your crafting skills come out when creating your table cards, invitations, wedding favors, centerpieces, menus, etc. Doing things yourself will also add more personality to your wedding, which is something a rustic wedding needs.

6. Hire a band

Sure, hiring a band may be a stretch for your budget, but what can bring the whole theme together than a live band playing country music? Consider hiring a local band and ask them to play their best country songs.

If you have chosen a rustic theme for your big day, you’re in for one of the most whimsical experiences of your life. Pulling off a rustic wedding is not too difficult. With these six ideas to start with, you should have your dream venue in time for your wedding.

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